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What if I want to address multiple issues?
What if I want to address multiple issues?
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You can test in multiple areas with Base! You can do this in multiple ways.

If you know which areas you are interested in:

  1. Navigate from our home page to each area you are interested in + add each starter kit to your cart.

  2. Once you have all the desired starter kits added, complete the checkout process. Be sure to choose your collection method after checkout!

  3. Every time your subscription renews, you'll receive a test in each of the selected areas.

If you don't know which areas to test and/or want to get an overall picture of your health:

Our Base Complete Bundle is a great option for you! The Base Complete Bundle is an all-in-one testing plan that measures your baseline to understand what’s impacting your diet, stress, fatigue, and general health. You receive 8 tests and can discover quickly which hormones, nutrients, or vitamins are affecting your well-being. The 8 tests included in the Base Complete Bundle are:

  • Cholesterol + Lipids Test

  • Sugar + Inflammation Test

  • Energy Vitamins Test

  • Thyroid Hormones Test

  • Focus Test

  • Cortisol Test

  • Melatonin Test

  • Libido Test

Click here to learn more + purchase the Base Complete Bundle.

Don't forget - you can always refer to our Base Quiz to get a personalized recommendation on what test is right for you!

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