How accurate are my results?
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If you choose to test at a local Quest Diagnostics lab, they are the gold standard of lab testing and are considered to be 100% accurate.

Regarding at-home lab testing technology lately, it has made many advancements. For context, the collection method has been around since 1960 used in pediatrics for kids and newborns. You can read more about it here.

This means that although at-home lab testing will never be the gold standard, it is accurate enough where the decisions you’d make based on those results would be the same. Additionally, our labs are exposed to third-party validation testing to maintain their accreditations and ability to offer these tests to consumers. This consists of the health experts from the College of American Pathologists submitting lab tests for analysis of samples already analyzed to compare results.

Lastly, if you are not comfortable with at-home testing, we also offer our members the possibility of collecting the test at a QuestDiagnostics center - walk-in with your Base app. We could send both an at-home test kit and an order in Quest for your next test in case you want to compare the reading for yourself as well.

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