How should I pack my sample?
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Great job! You successfully collected your sample. Now it is time to pack up your test + send it back to the lab.

It's important your test goes into the correct biohazard bag + shipping bag. We recommend keeping your biohazard bag + shipping bag together in your test box while taking your sample to ensure they don't get mixed up with any other test kits you may have.

Once you've collected your sample, put the sample in its corresponding biohazard bag. From there, we recommend putting the biohazard bag back in the box and sticking the whole box in the shipping bag. The box is not necessary to ship, but it adds extra protection for your sample.

Once your test is shipped, you can drop it off at your mailbox, USPS collection box, or your local USPS post office!

For members with a DBS card - It's important to ensure your sample is dry before packing. Please leave your DBS out on a flat service for 30 minutes after completing the test before packing.

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